Stuck In The Mud

A fun chasing game - best played outside as there's alot of running around

1 Hider

One person is "it" and they need to hold out their hand with fingers splayed, all other players hold on to one finger

Stuck in the...

The idea is to run away when the person who is it says "Stuck in the mud" - but they can keep you guessing by saying for example "Stuck in the...bath" and lots of other silly sentences. You must hold on all this time


Once they say "Stuck in the mud" everyone must run away trying not to be caught


If you are caught you stand still with arms out at right angles waiting for another player to run under an arm and free you. Then you can run around again

The End

The game finishes when all the players are caught. The first person caught will be the new person who is "it"